Rob Ackerman

Martial Arts

American Kenpo Karate, Extreme Martial Arts, and Tricking

Experienced Instructor 


What Does Martial Arts Mean To Me?

Martial Arts has been a very important, pastime, hobby, sport, occupation, stress reliever, and has truly shaped who I am today. Through Martial Arts, I have been able to learn key life values as well as become physically fitter. I started Martial Arts at the age of three, where I could barely focus and control myself. Now I hold a Third Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate, compete at a national level, and continue to create new experiences everyday. 



Every student idolizes “Mr. Ackerman!” He has instilled such respect and built such admiration in his students. The young students act like they are seeing a celebrity when they are in Rob’s presence. If you’ve ever seen him in his element at Callahans karate and the elementary fan club all treat him like a super hero. He can silence a group of rowdy elementary kids when he takes out his swords and light sabers for one of his choreographed performances. These performances require an immense amount of dedication and practice to perfect.
— Christine Larimore, Karate Parent, High-School assistant principal



I intent to uphold the instructor's creed of: "I will teach this class because it is the most important class I will ever teach. I am patient and enthusiastic. I  lead by example". It is my goal to make every class I teach truly amazing. I also take everything I have learned to make my student better and myself better.